Breakfast Lunch

Many skip breakfast, either for lack of time or as a way to reduce calories.  But a good breakfast can contribute to good health and reduce unhealthy cravings later in the day.  We keep breakfast simple, varying over a few options including:

  • Healthy Granola, I mix it with fruit (like pineapple) and yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Poached Eggs with toast (we have a neat poacher that makes this easy)
  • Omelet (David’s Saturday treat; we also have it for suppers once in a while as it is quick)
  • Bran Flax Muffins

Lunch – We also keep lunch simple as well, almost always a sandwich of lean meat on our homemade whole-wheat bread with a moderate amount of cheese and a piece of fruit. Occasionally, esp. on weekends, we have some leftovers.

We find if you have a good breakfast, this is sufficient but at times, we have a snack for mid-morning or afternoon. This can be another piece of fruit or we do a mixture of a 8-10 pretzels with some raisins and peanuts.  A small snack is sometimes all that is needed.


Our way to healthy living