Welcome to HealthSimply.  We (David and Cathy) believe it is both possible as well as extraordinarily worthwhile to live healthy. It can be accomplished over time with a regular investment of a reasonable amount of your time and effort.

Though the needed changes are not complicated, neither are they easy, as there are very powerful social and hormonal influences that lead us back to old habits. But lasting change can be done, as we are testament to. On this site, we seek to make as simple a path to follow as we can.

On this site you will find:

Over the coming months, we will focus on adding the following:

  • book summaries/reviews, providing insights from our book list on the science that undergirds our recommendations and explains why we believe it so worth doing
  • an expanded list of health habits
  • more great recipes
  • short videos segments to help make the advise more accessible

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Throughout, we will strive to make the journey to health as simple and accessible we can.

Our way to healthy living