Why Bother?

Few dispute that health is a good thing. So the question we face, is not, “do I want to be healthy?” but more like: “how healthy do I want to be?” and “what am I willing to pay? ”  These are questions we must face in ways that our predecessors did not.  Yes, we have some advantages over previous generations: little worry about killer diseases of the past or starvation, and we have improved medical care. But, we face relatively new challenges: the western diet and a  pedestrian lifestyle.

Our medicine can medicate many of the consequences. But that is not health.

The “Simple” of our site’s name is due to our priorities: we want to be healthy to live, not to live to be healthy.  We hope to help you all discover how to be healthy in a way that works with the rest of life.

Over time we will significantly expand this section, principally through summaries of the content of the books and resources under our “Learn” section. For now, we suggest you start your own journey by going to your local library and start reading on this vital topic.  And you might consider subscribing to our site to take advantages of the summaries to coming.

Our way to healthy living