About Us

Pic of David and CathyThis site is written by David and Cathy Barfield of Lawrence, Kansas, sharing what we are learning on the topic of living healthy and how we maintain it as a life-long lifestyle.

Cathy is a biology teacher; her favorite subject is human physiology and anatomy. David is civil engineer specializing in water resources (while not a scientist, in his work he seeks to understand and apply science in useful ways).

We have spent years wading through the often confusing literature on health and to seeking apply what we understand to be the consensus of the most credible science on the topic. While we continue on this quest, see the LEARN section for the books and resources we have read/reviewed to come to the conclusions herein.

This work does not constitute medical advice. But it is our best attempt to pass on what we have learned in an understandable and accessible way.

For more on us, see our joint web site or David’s web site.

Our way to healthy living